The wealthy leeches

The ‘Panama Papers’ leak has revealed some very interesting and juicy stories.  From politicians’ undeclared offshore trusts, to a potential global network of money laundering and tax avoidance.   But there is also a more mundane story we would do well to consider.  One that doesn’t require any leaked information – the morally bankrupt practises of … More The wealthy leeches

Confronting Islamism

Last Tuesday’s assault on Brussels demonstrates, once again, the extent of ISIS’s sinister capability.  After a string of attacks around the world, and despite Europe on high-alert, the Jihadists evaded security agencies. The result: characteristic bloodshed and mayhem. ISIS’s operatives are capable, determined, and fanatically believe in their purpose.  They are equally certain in the morality of … More Confronting Islamism

The Thin Skins

“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me”.  Once heard resonating around playgrounds, this childhood saying now faces extinction. After all, there was never any doubt that words can cause significant pain. The defiant schoolyard retort contains its own subtle admission of that fact.  Attempting to contrast invisible verbal barbs from the severe … More The Thin Skins

The F word

Feminism is perhaps the most divisive and stigma laden F word in the English language. For some, feminism invokes a noble struggle for equality and is a movement for liberation and justice. For others, ‘feminist’ is an expression of contempt, conjuring up images of deranged shrieking women who spend their spite-filled waking hours railing against … More The F word

The problem with our national dialogue

The forthcoming conclusion of the flag referendum will mark the end of one of the weariest and most dismal periods of national debate in recent times. The rhetoric surrounding the flag debate has been, on the whole, excruciating. Case in point, the RSA National President’s attempt to construct the flag referendum as a threat to our … More The problem with our national dialogue

Overcome your evolutionary fear of immigration

It seems to be an instinctive aspect of human nature to distrust outsiders and anyone who doesn’t look like us.  This probably made sense from an evolutionary point of view.  When our ancient ancestors bumped into a group of strangers, conflict most often ensued.  Humans learnt to trust people who looked similar and to be … More Overcome your evolutionary fear of immigration